Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Day, but great workout!

Today we finally had our End of Season Wrestling banquet. The season finished Dec. 13th, but with Christmas break and the banquet having to be rescheduled because of school being cancelled due to the "ice days" we were finally able to have it tonight. The banquet went really well. I have some wonderful parents who do a lot of work for my program. Captain Cook Hotel was able to donate a couple of nice main dishes and salads. We ordered a bunch of pizza's too. And of course families brought a ton of desserts. Wrestlers have to sacrifice a lot during the season and especially watch their diets. Not that they shouldn't continue to do it in the off-season, but it is nice to celebrate the season and eat as much as you want. And believe me, a couple of kids ate a lot. Like I said before, we had a good season. It was nice to see us improve so much from the previous year. And we have put ourselves in a situation to have a great season next year.

Today's workout called for 11 miles w/ 5 miles at tempo pace (or half-marathon pace). I decided to do the workout right after school. So, I jumped on my treadmill and did 3 easy miles for a warm-up and then jumped right into the workout. It was an awesome workout too. I eased into my first mile right at 6 min. pace. My 2nd and 3rd miles were at 5:57 pace, and miles 4 & 5 were at 5:52 pace. So, a little under 30 straight minutes at tempo pace. It felt so easy! I knew I did them correctly because I could've stayed at this pace for at least an hour. I'm not going to lie, I still needed to concentrate on my form and breathing, but I was really enjoying going a little faster for a change. I finished the workout with 3 more miles a little under 7 min. pace to get my 11 miles.

The idea of this workout is to increase my lactate threshold. To be able to run longer without my legs creating lactate, which forces you to slow down. I believe I will work up to 7 straight miles at tempo pace.

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Chic Runner said...

Those pictures are pretty intense! Lactate runs are hard but they for sure pay off. Good luck!