Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's cold outside

It was -15 below today when I decided to go out for a run. That may seem extreme, but I have some real nice running gear to help keep me warm. Plus, the sun was out and I wanted to run in it. I really didn't feel like running on my treadmill today. Especially since I have a 14 miler tomorrow and if the weather keeps it up I may be inside.

Today's workout called for 10 miles (general aerobic effort) w/ 10 X 100m striders. I've made myself a Pre-Boston playlist on my ipod to help with the first month of training. It seemed to help today. I took off from my house and did the south loop with an extra mile added on at the end. It felt great. At the end of the workout my time on my watch showed that I was running an average of 6:53 min. miles. Not bad considering it felt pretty effortless.

I can sure build up the frost around my eyelashes, eyebrows, and hat. I've looked in the mirror after runs and everything is completly white. I get some pretty good stares while I'm running. It must look like I'm freezing, but I'm really comfortable as long as I am moving.

I'm going to leave you with a good cold play song.

1 comment:

John Clark said...

I'm telling you, I claimed Coldplay first. You keep using them I'm going to have to use the Running Power Slam, the Arabian Crab/Clutch or Back Suplex Side Slam on you.