Friday, January 16, 2009

Sports Dome

Another day of school cancelled. This day will have to be made up though. The kids were excited, but they were just on break and I'm starting to get tired of trying to entertain them. I'd send them outside, but it's an ice rink outside our house and they might blow away.

Today called for 13 miles and I really didn't feel like running on the treadmill. I sucked it up and paid 10 dollars to run in our sports dome. It is a super facility and I would use it a lot more if I was training for 5K/10K races. Or if I didn't have my own treadmill. It has a 400 meter (a little more) track inside that goes around field turf. The turf is used by soccer, football, baseball, softball, etc... It is great for our community!

I started at an easy pace to warm-up and I felt really good today. I progressively picked it up every mile. I would run in lane 1, lane 2, lane 3, and lane 4 for a whole lap each mile. That way it was easy for me to keep track of my miles. For some reason I took mile splits today. I'm not sure what the exact mile times were since the track is about 413 meters around and I also ran in lanes 2,3, and 4. If I were to stay in lane 1, I believe I would subtract about 3 seconds a lap or 12 sec. a mile. Here are my splits:

Mile 1- 7:32
Mile 2- 7:08
Mile 3- 6:58 (ex. 6:46 if I was to stay in lane 1 the whole time)
Mile 4- 6:54
Mile 5- 6:52
Mile 6- 6:49
Mile 7- 6:47
Mile 8- 6:45
Mile 9- 6:41
Mile 10- 6:33
Mile 11- 6:33
Mile 12- 6:34
Mile 13- 6:14

It was a good workout and it felt pretty easy. I didn't mind running in circles when I have good music on the ipod either.

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