Sunday, January 25, 2009

1st Cycle is complete!

My training for the Boston Marathon is 18 weeks total. It is broken down into 4 different cycles.
Cycle #1- Endurance
Cycle #2- Lactate Threshold+Endurance
Cycle #3- Race Preparation
Cycle #4- Taper

I just completed the first cycle which is 6 weeks long, so I'm one-third on my way to Boston! I feel real good too. The first cylce basically gives me a solid base. There was basically no speed involved. Just putting some quality miles in and did a few short lactate threshold runs for workouts.

Here is my mileage for the first 6 weeks:
Week #1- 65 miles
Week #2- 67 miles
Week #3- 70 miles
Week #4- 70 miles
Week #5- 81 miles
Week #6- 72 miles (Recovery Week)

Total Mileage for 1st cycle: 263 miles.

The 2nd cycle will involve a lot more Lactate threshold workouts (basicall half-marathon pace). My mileage each week will also increase a little. I will also do 1 workout which is 16 miles, but 13 at marathon pace. That workout will give me a good indicator where my fitness is at. I'm really excited for this next phase to begin because of the harder workouts (or faster running).

I'm really stoked right now about where I am at in my training. I'm feeling good, strong, and have no injuries. As long as I stay smart and progress slowly I should improve and get that sub 2:40 marathon at Boston! The next 6 weeks will be important.

I had a good run today with Jerry and two others from his training group whose names slip my mind right now. We took it nice and easy the whole run and we notched it down a little to 16 miles, since it is a recovery week. The temps were great, but it was super slick in spots. You really needed Ice bugs.

I really enjoy sunday's runs. Not just because it's a long run, but I enjoy the company of people with goals that are similar to my own. Our times may be different but we are all trying to become better and faster runners. It's motivating to me!

Here is a picture of Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia who is the world record holder for the marathon, which is 2:03:59!

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Evan said...

Thats pretty solid mileage. I guess now (Cycle #2) is when a little pain enters the runs. I never time my runs but sometimes running fast and hard is fun.

It feels good the stretch the legs out a little sometimes. Running ultras I dont have too run fast much though. I mean a steady 12 minute mile will win the race in a lot of cases.

I think you should have that sub 2:40 in the bag. No worries. Who knows next year you might be going for sub 2:30.

I think you have the talent for it.