Friday, January 30, 2009

New Shoes & Gu's

I've put about 450 miles on my Adidas Control running shoes and I've been meaning to get down to skinny raven and get some new shoes. You should really put no more than 400 miles on one pair of shoes. If you wait to long it could lead to injuries. I can really tell when I have a newer pair of shoes on, I feel a lot more cushion and bounce to them. I was downtown all day at the Hilton for the NEA-Delagate Assembly and had a break so I walked down to the Raven in a snow storm. They were having a sale and I couldn't believe all the people that were already their.

Skinny Raven is the best shoe store in all of Alaska. It is a running store that sells shoes and clothing. It has an awesome atmoshpere and the workers are very knowledgable. They are all runners and skiiers or fitness types and put a lot of work into customer satisfaction. It's nice to walk in their and chat about workouts or upcoming races. Todd List, Jerry Ross, Charlie Renfro, John Clark, and Andrew Richie were all their and busy with the sale. Todd List helped me out with a new pair of Adidas Sequence. I've never had this type of shoe before, but I was looking at getting away from the Adidas control because I believe it has a little too much support for me. I've sticked with Adidas lately for trainers because they feel great on my feet and look pretty sweet.

I also loaded up on some Gu's (Espresso Love, Vanilla Bean, and Chocolate Outrageous) and bought a Recovery Drink for after my workouts. I'm all set now to continue my Road to Boston!

Today it was snowing pretty hard and I didn't feel like climbing on the treadmill and running 12 miles, so I sucked it up and did 8 outside and the last 4 on the mille. I ran mostly on the road and was lucky that the plows had just gone by so the running wasn't that bad. I had to jump on the sidewalks occasionally and that is when things got a little slower, but I wasn't too concerned with pace. I was just glad to be outside. It felt good running in the snow storm with the snow hitting my face. It wasn't too hard and it was kind of warm at 20 above.

The last 4 miles on the treadmill I got a little faster and ended up running at 6:35 pace toward the end. I was able to try out the new shoes and they felt great! Tomorrow is an 8 mile recovery that I hope to do outside if they plow the sidewalks. Training is going good!

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