Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feeling Better

I'm definetly feeling a lot better today. Still trying to get my sleep and rest when I can. Today I did a Lactate threshold workout. It called for 10 miles w/ 4 miles at half-marathon pace. I wasn't sure what I should run my 4 miles at because of feeling a little ill. So, after a 3 mile warm-up I started with 6min. pace and it felt really comfortable. So the remaining miles were (6:00, 5:56, 5:56) then 3 more miles at 7min. pace. I was pretty pumped after the workout because I felt like I could've went a lot longer at 5:56 pace. I was actually singing along on the last 2 miles of the workout.

Lactate threshold runs are tempo runs in which you run for at least 20 minutes at your lactate threshold. Lactate threshold training should be run at close to the pace that you could currently race for 1 hour. For serious marathoners, this is generally half marathon pace. This should be the intensity at which lactate is just starting to accumulate in your muscles and blood. The extra mental toughness required to get through a tempo run when you may not be feeling great should come in handy during the Boston Marathon!

The temperature in Anchorage warmed up to about 20 above today, but the wind has really started to pick up. I guess we have high wind advisory tonight. Oh well, this is Alaska!

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