Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ticket to Boston

It's really official now. I bought my plane ticket to Boston. To cut a few hundred dollars off the cost I will have a couple stops on the way. On the way to Boston I will fly from:
Anchorage to Seattle to Chicago to Boston taking about 12 hrs.
On the way back I will fly from:
Boston to New York to Seattle to Anchorage taking about 13 hrs.

I'm getting to Boston on Friday, April 17th at 4pm, so I'll have plenty of time to get adjusted and get a couple of easy runs in to get rid of the jet lag before the race on monday.

I did my easy 6 mile recovery run today outside. I ran to Huffman road and back and added a little extra to make an easy six. The sidewalks and roads were really icy, but didn't bother me to much with the ice bugs. Plus, it was nice to be outside. My legs were a little tired. I did a medium long run yesterday of 13 miles at the dome and I probably went a little to fast. I'm not sure the dome is the best for me because I get to caught up on my mile splits. I may take another approach the next time I run their. I'm hoping to run most of my 11 mile run tomorrow outside.

I'll leave you with a new video by coldplay. Life in technicolor ii

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Chic Runner said...

Congrats on getting your plane ticket! :) That is so exciting and I'm jealous :) One day I'll be joining you!