Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VO2 Max Workout!

Today I was finally able to turn the legs a little faster today. I had my first VO2 max workout of the Boston Marathon 18 week program. Since my treadmill only goes up to 11.0 mph (5:27 pace) I decided to do the workout at the dome. Here it is:

3 mile warm-up
5 X 800 meters @ 5K pace w/ 90 sec. rest. (I did all 5 exactly the same 2:33)
3.5+ mile cool down

It was kind of nice to turn the legs faster today. It wasn't all that hard, but I was really trying to concentrate on getting my heart rate down and ready for the next one in 90 seconds. During my cool down it felt like I was going super slow, but was still running 7 min. pace.

Yesterday, I ran a general aerobic 9 miler and then headed to East High school for a wrestling practice. I couldn't resist and did a little live wrestling with the top high school kids in the state. Even though I could easily handle these kids, I still got kind of sore in my upper body and quads from staying in a wrestling stance. Probably not the smartest thing to do if I'm trying to do my best at Boston. I need to be smarter and avoid live wrestling until after the marathon.

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