Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Epic Run

I had one of my favorite runs of my Boston training program today. I met Jerry Ross at his house and we took off towards UAA and went over the bridge on Tudor and into the trails. We found some awesome hard packed dog sled trails that were perfect to run on. It looked like they were groomed and it made the footing perfect. Running on hard snow has a lot more cushion than the pavement. It was about 10 above zero and snowing lightly. It was fun to run in the woods for a change and at times we were on single track trails. We eventually ended up on the tank trails and took the Mayors Marathon trail to Campbell Airstrip Road and took it back to Jerrys.

In all we ran between 15-16 miles. I ran an additional 4 miles for recovery in the evening to make it 19-20 miles for the day. It was sure nice to get this medium distance run done outside and not on the treadmill. Things are moving as planned for Boston!

I also bought the New Asics DS Trainers from Todd. I will wear these shoes for the Marathon. I'm going to break them in on Sunday when I do my Marathon pace run.


Evan said...

I hope I did not offend you with my post. Those were just my personal thoughts regarding myself. I think it is great that you are dedicated to the Boston Marathon and it will be cool to watch you represent Alaska. In no way did I have you or any person in mind when I wrote that post. I run races of all distances and respect them all.

It just gets old when ever I am out and about or at the gym and people see that I am a runnner. The first question I am always asked is if I have run a marathon or am training for one. It drives me crazy.

Nice run with Jerry.

Also I cant believe you will be running a marathon with such a heavy shoe. You need to lighten it up with the Hyperspeeds or some other flat. Those clunkers will add 2 minutes on your time for sure. =)

Chic Runner said...

Cool new shoes. I like them, unlike evan above. I'm all about the clunkyness! :0