Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Need to run more hills!

I had a real good 15 mile run today. I did the south loop w/ Service extention and did the last 3 miles on the treadmill. I really like this run because I think it prepares me well for Boston. There are some real good hills on the hillside. The hill up Huffman is pretty steep and a mile long. It makes Heartbreak Hill look like an ant hill. The other reason I like these Hills is because I get to run down them too. I need to get my legs use to the pounding of running downhill since their is a lot of downhill in Boston too.

The temperature outside was nice and so was the footing. I still wore my Ice bugs but alot of the stretches were pure pavement. I also ran at a pretty good clip. I did the whole 15 miles in 1hr. 42 min. (which is 6:48 pace).

I'm going to try and run this route at least once a week until Boston. Today was the Fur Rondy track meet at the Dome. I was going to try and PR in the 5000m. but learned it was only going to be a 3000m race. Their is also the Frostbite 5K this saturday but my training doesn't call for it this week and I don't want to get off track for a little race. Since things are going really well thier is no need to mix things up with a race right now. I am looking to try and do a 10K at the dome the following saturday if I can get it set up.

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