Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another solid week of Training

Today was a solid long run. I met Jerry and some of his training group at the dome at 9am and we ran 18 miles outside and then Jerry and I ran another fast 4 miles in the dome to total 22 miles. The running outside was great! We went out on Raspberry and ran all the way to Kincaid Chalet on the multi-use trails which were in pretty good shape. We ran down toward the inlet and ran the coastal trail until we reach Pt. Woronzof and then got on the Totem run route and headed back to the dome running past the airport. We kept a pretty good pace, but we had to work a little harder on the coastal trail because every once in a while we would fall through the hard snow pack. Changed into shorts and t-shirt and slammed some water and we took off to run our last 4 miles. I'm pretty sure I went a little too fast, but it didn't kill me. I was able to concentrate and just run. I think it is good practice for Boston. If things are going good, I should feel tired toward the end and I must be able to run through it. The last couple miles were around 5:45 pace. I can definetly feel it in my legs, but I took my recovery drink and took a 14 minute ice bath. I should absorb this week as long as I take the next couple of days and run true recovery pace.

Here is a run down of the week of 2/2- 2/8

2/2- 10 miles (6am/4pm)
2/3- 10 miles (6am/4pm)
2/4- 15 miles
2/5- 10 miles (6am/4pm)
2/6- 12 miles (6 @ tempo pace)
2/7- 8 miles
2/8- 22 miles

Total: 87 miles

I'm looking forward to relaxing a little tonight and watching the Reebok Indoor Meet on tape delay on ESPN. I want to see Shalayne Flanagan break the 5,000 meter indoor record. I believe she ran 14:47! Amazing!

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Jerome said...

i love the tip on the timer here. i could have used that last week: