Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sticking to your Goals!

I had a pretty tough week. Not just physically but mentally. I came down with a sore throat on monday morning that progressively got worse all week. It never got super bad or anything, but I coughed a lot, runny nose, and felt weak at times. Normally I would just take days off, but I have set a goal to follow a program to give me the best shot of breaking 2:40 at Boston. I probably could've taken some days off and been fine, but mentally it would of made me weaker. I didn't want to falter from my program. I did all the key workouts, but made sure that the easy recovery days were done correctly (which means SLOW!). Also, I did my best to get rest. I ate pretty good and made sure I wasn't staying up late. I drank a lot more water then I was accustomed too also. If you want to become the best athlete you can you have to make sacrifices. Sure, it would've been easy to not run and watch some NCAA basketball or take a nap. I tell my wrestlers all the time that sure it's not fun to go for a run or get an extra weight lifting session in, or go to practice when your friends are going out or to a movie. But, when you can achieve a goal it makes all those sacrifices worth it. If achieving goals were easy, then it wouldn't mean a damn thing if you achieved it!

Here was my training week for 3/16-3/22:

3/22- 20 miles
3/21- 12 miles (10K Time Trial- 33:47)
3/20- 6 miles
3/19- 7 miles
3/18- 14 miles
3/17- 10 miles (5 X 600m @ 5K pace w/ 90 sec rest)
3/16- 7 miles

Total: 76 miles

I have one more week of high mileage (90 miles) than I begin the taper phase. On another note, it was good timing to be sick. Better now than in the upcoming weeks!

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Chic Runner said...

Almost taper time already! How exciting. What another great workout week.