Saturday, March 7, 2009

10K "Time Trial"

My 10K "Time Trial" went pretty good. It was the first time I've ever done a 10K on a track. I've never even done a 5K on a track before either. It went pretty good. We did a 2+ mile warm-up and then we started. Lots of runners their today, which was awesome. Here are a few that I remember: Jerry Ross, John Clark, Sam Hill, Jason Hofacker, Jake Moe, and lots more from Jerry's Marathon training group.

I ended up getting a 2 second PR! But it was super easy. We'll not super easy, but the easiest 10K I have ever run. I probably took it out a little too easy the first 5K, but I finished strong. When I ran my 34:22 last year it was the opposite. I ran my first few miles at 5:26 and then died. So, I'm happy I ran it pretty smart. Here were my splits: (I hit the last mile hard, and had a lot left in the tank, so I could've run this a lot faster).

Mile 1: 5:37

Mile 2: 5:36

Mile 3: 5:36

Mile 4: 5:31

Mile 5: 5:26

Mile 6: 5:14

.2: 1:20

Total: 34:20

I would've liked to run a little faster, but I gotta be happy that I did this after running 94 miles last week and specifically marathon training. Plus, I felt recoverd really fast after the race.

Did approx. 3 mile cool down.

I'm getting some good confidence for Boston. 18 miler tomorrow!

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RunWithMe said...

You should be confident. Those are amazing times.