Monday, March 9, 2009

86 Days of Running in a row!

Not that it is important to run everyday when you are training for a marathon, but I have run everyday since the State Wrestling Tournament on Dec. 13th. Which means I am at 86 days in a row. Obviously you can't run hard or long everyday but if you throw in recovery runs then it is possible to run every day and still absorb the training. I've talked in other blog posts about the benefits of recovery runs. The key is to run them slow enough that it helps speed up recovery for your next run or key workout. Here is a run down of last weeks training:

3/8- 20 miles
3/7- 11+ miles (10K Time Trial)
10K- 34:20 (5:37, 5:36, 5:36, 5:31, 5:26, 5:14, 1:20) = 34:20
3/6- 6 miles
3/5- 8 miles (6 X 100m striders)
3/4- 15 miles
3/3- 9 miles (5 X 600m @ 5K pace w/90 sec. rest)
3/2- 7 miles- recovery

Total: 76 miles

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Chic Runner said...

first off, I can't believe it's been 86 days already since then. Gosh where does the time go, Another thing... you are CRUSHING it out there with your mileage!! Great job!