Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little under the weather

I started getting a little sore throat on saturday night and it just has slowly gotten a little worse over the past few days. I coughed a lot last night while trying to sleep. Then today I have a runny nose and feel a little run down. I'm training my way through it, but I'm being careful to make sure I'm eating good, drinking plenty of water, and resting. I think today will be the worse of it and I should slowly start getting better everyday. I figure it is better to get sick now then the week of Boston. So actually good timing.

I had a pretty good workout yesterday (VO2 max) and today I ran 14 miles. I ran my hilly Boston route which is 12 miles then I ran the last 2 miles on my treadmill. It seems kind of pointless to run the last 2 on the mille and not just finish the whole run outside. I had all intentions too, but I was gettig tired of running on the ice, slush, and dry pavement with my ice bugs on. Plus traffic was starting to get really busy and the sidewalks kind of sucked.

On another note, the Boston Bib #'s came out yesterday and I am Bib #1323! Which also means I'm in Corral 1, which is really close to the starting line. I should cross the starting line within 5-8 seconds only. Not bad considering their are 26,000 people entered.

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