Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Medium Long Runs

The 18 week marathon plan that I'm following has several types of runs but follows somewhat the same plan every week.

Monday- recovery runs
Tuesday- General Aerobic
Wednesday- Medium Long run
Thursday- Recovery run
Friday- Medium Long run
Saturday- recovery run
Sunday- LongRun

I followed this plan last year and I really liked it. The recovery runs gave me a chance to really absorb the training (as long as I took them real slow). I usually only wear my heart rate monitor on the recovery runs to make sure I'm doing them real easy. I try not to let my heart rate get past 140 bpm.

Today I did a 12 mile medium long run. Medium long runs are usually from 11-16 miles long. 17+ is considered a long run. The temperature today was 9 above. I did the first 8 miles outside and the last 4 on the treadmill. When it's cold out I like to split the medium-long and long runs up and do some outside and the remaining miles on the treadmill. For one, it gets me out of the cold. It also gives me something to look forward too. Plus, I really like it. I change my clothes and get on some shorts (I try to change in less than 3 min.) Running on the treadmill gives me an idea of what my pace is at and plus I have my water right their too. I felt pretty good today. My legs felt a little tired. I think it was from the striders yesterday. Overall another quality workout.

I did some Christmas shopping tonight and bought my son an ipod touch. They are sweet. I think I may buy one myself.

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John Clark said...

Dude, why not get an iPhone? You're just getting an expensive iPod that can't make a call or use internet without WiFi.