Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can I please just get my run done today?

Today was Day #2 on my way to Boston. The plan was to do a General Aerobic 8 mile run with 10X100 strides. I was excited because the sun was out today (even though it was only 12 above). I really wanted to do this run outside because I feel it is important to get just as many days outside as inside in the winter. But, life got in the way. Our furnace stopped working last night and our house was freezing. So, after I picked the kids up after school I had to wait for the heating company to come over and fix the furnace. He didn't get here until 4:15 and it was 5pm and dark by the time he left. I was hungry and in a bad mood having to postpone my workout. Plus, I didn't feel like running in the dark. I ended up just jumping on the treadmill and did the workout. I had a good run but could tell I was a little tired and not in the groove. I did the striders on the treadmill too, which I find kind of difficult because of having to push the buttons to speed up and slow back down.
I had every reason to just take a day off, but I'm in Boston training mode.
When I set my mind to stick to a plan I am pretty good at following through with it. There are no excuses for not getting it done.

One of my favoriet bands is Coldplay. I'm going to leave you with a live version of Lost.

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John Clark said...

Good job getting it in. BTW Coldplay sucks!