Monday, April 6, 2009

No Running Today!

No running for me today. I've run 113 days in a row (6 miles or more) and its time for a day off. I'm on the taper phase for Boston and I just want to make sure my legs are going to be fresh for race day. I didn't plan on having a running streak, it just sort of happend this year. I was in a great groove and I like to stick to a plan. The plan had me running everyday and I wanted to make sure I stuck to it. Last week I managed 70 miles and would like to take it down to about 45-50 this week. 2 Weeks until Boston!!!!!!!!!!


Evan said...

Well deserved break.

I think you are going to tear it up in Boston. Your training has been incredible. I will be rooting for you and all of the other Alaskans out there. Represent!!

johnking said...

Hey-zues Christe' Tom...113 miles with of 6 miles or more...thats nuts! How do you keep from the nagging injuries besides training intelligently. See you at the FE!